Boosted boards

Boosted boards are powerful, lightweight electric longboards that are fun to ride and perfect for the last mile of your commute. John designed the very first Boosted board to get around his graduate school campus. His background in robotics was perfect for understanding how to combine .

Du styrer farten ved hjælp af en håndholdt fjernbetjening, mens retningen klares old school ved at læne dig fra side til side, og Boosted Board . Please don’t watch past 6:for those not interested in non-Boosted Board video. Boosted Boards is raising funds for Boosted Boards – The World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle on Kickstarter! With smooth braking, powerful electric motors, and simple wireless control, the.

TGBiD- Light enough to carry anywhere, fast enough to go.

Boosted Boards, Mountain View, California. The world’s most powerful and portable electric longboards. The new Boosted Boards electric skateboards are a ton of fun, but it’s still terrifying to commute on a skateboard.

The most important change in the second-generation board is the battery that powers Boosted’s boards will be interchangeable, and the . The world’s most powerful and portable electric longboards, now with extended range. Boosted’s new electric longboard is a little more rugge and a little longer-lasting. Hop til Boosted Board – The Boosted Board is the only and exclusive product from Booste as it is an electric skateboard that is controlled by a remote, .